Lost car keys

Lost all car keys? This is very common case when you have only one key. Without a key, nothing to do, car stops. Our team will make new keys quickly with special tools and devices.

Broken car keys

Suddenly car key broken? Old, worn, and bent keys are easily broken. If you do not have any spare key, can not drive. Making new key with broken part is not easy. Our experienced member will do it.

Broken car remotes

When remote has broken, it will not work well. Depending on condition of broken remote, we will suggest several options for you to save your time and money.

Broken car remote shells

Sometimes only shell of remote can be broken or rubber button torn. Luckily it works well or not, still inconvenient. If not fixed, remote circuit will get damaged. We provide quality new one with good price.

extra car keys

Only one key for your car? This is not safe way. When you lose the only key, car will stop, nothing to do. To prevent losing all keys, to make one more extra key is good option. We do it in 10mins with reasonable price.

extra car remotes

Need one more extra remote? When family shares car, or just for emergency, spare remote is very good and helpful option. Even it is not cheap investment, remote is for convenience. We supply quality good ones.

broken car keys extraction

Key has broken inside of key hole? Even with spare key, no more driving. Taking out broken key is hard if it stuck deeply. Our specialist member will pull it off with tools and make brand new one.

open car locks

Locked out? Many people have experienced this condition. Even newer cars are hard to open, impossible with metal staff only. Our member have special skill for gain entry without any damage to car.